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Trauma from Mass Violence

Give an Hour provides culturally responsive, evidence-based programming for people who have experienced humanmade trauma because of mass violence events.

There is no question that mass violence is horrific – whether the result is death or injury or the impact is direct or indirect. Helping this group of trauma survivors is critical to the overall mental health of our nation and Give an Hour is ready to assist those who are affected.

Mass violence is defined in multiple ways by various entities. The U.S. experiences more mass gun violence incidents than any other country in the world and states reported that guns were used in 82% of multiple-victim incidents; thus, in the United States, mass violence is often synonymous with gun violence.

We currently serve the following communities impacted by these mass violence events.

Route 91/Borderline in California

Support & help for survivors, family members, & communities

Uvalde in Texas

Free Mental Health Clinic

Using Film to Heal

Collaboration through Partnership