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Trauma from Interpersonal Violence

Give an Hour provides services for those impacted by Interpersonal violence, which is defined as the intentional use of physical force or power against a person or group of people by an individual or small group of individuals. The people involved do not need to be in an intimate relationship and the violent act can be physical, sexual or psychological.

Factors leading to increased levels of interpersonal violence include:

  • lack of economic development
  • weak social, political and judicial institutions
  • social disturbances
  • and warfare

Interpersonal violence is a pervasive public health issue impacting individuals, families and entire communities and exposure to it increases the risk of emotional, behavioral and physical health problems. The World Health Organization’s Global Health Estimates indicate that approximately 1.4 million people died in 2011 as a result of violence. Of those deaths, 35.3%, or 504,587, were due to interpersonal violence. 

We currently serve the following communities impacted by interpersonal violence.


Providing mental health care for victims of crime and more


Mental health support for victims of cybercrime