The Military Spouse Mental Health Profession Network is committed to being a helpful resource as you seek pro bono supervision toward the professional license for your mental health career. The primary purpose of this questionnaire is to guide you along the path of researching and confirming the requirements of your impending supervision.

Students:  At this time, we are only able to directly assist clinical license candidates.  If you are currently seeking supervision as a practicum student, you may post a comment about your search to the MilSpouse Network’s Facebook group. Several members have had great response posting similar needs.  If you are still unable to secure a practicum site, please contact us at


Please note:  In order to answer these questions, you will need to refer to the supervision regulations as defined by your licensing board. You should research this information and have it available to reference as you complete these questions.

  1. Who is considered an eligible supervisor for the license you are seeking? Can your supervisor be from another discipline?  (For example: In some states, an LMFT candidate can receive licensure supervision from a PhD-level psychologist.)
  2. When do you plan to begin supervision?
  3. Does your licensing body require in-person supervision or allow virtual supervision (via HIPPA-compliant video platform)?
  4. Does the licensing board require supervisors to have a supervisory certificate/credential?
  5. How many client contact hours and supervision hours are required?

Once you have answered these questions, please follow the steps below to search for a supervisor matching your needs.

How to use the map

This map describes each of the supervisors who have volunteered to provide licensure supervision. It is continually developing as we learn more about the current supervisors and new supervisors join the program. At this time, there is a limited amount of information available about each potential supervisor. Please do not dismiss a potential match based on the absence of a detail in their profile.

  • Zoom in to your area on the map and click on the pins for more information about each individual.
  • If you are interested in learning more or wish to be connected with anyone you see on the map, please email with the Supervisor ID#. You may include more than one.
  • Then, we will provide their contact information and the two of you can communicate to see if the match will meet your needs. We can repeat this process as many times as necessary.
  • If you are unable to find any potential matches on the map, or you’ve contacted all possibilities and they were not able to meet your needs, please let us know. There are other possible solutions we can explore. Likewise, please notify us when you have found a successful match!

Want to connect with others in the MilSpouse Network?

Connect with other MilSpouses within the mental health profession and in school on their way to licensure. This peer-to-peer resource is a great tool to get questions and advice quickly.

MilSpouse Network FB Group

Looking for Resources?

Give an Hour has culled resources and information under eight topic areas: education, licensure, re-licensure, employment, clinical supervision, mentorship, training, and financial. As a member of the Network you have open access to these.

MilSpouse Resource Center