The goal of the partnership between Give an Hour® and Humans of Fashion Foundation (HOFF) is to improve the mental health and emotional well-being of those who work in the fashion industry who have been harassed or assaulted on the job. Give an Hour® is pleased to offer pro bono counseling and other support services to those who qualify for the program. We will expand our network of providers to focus on those in need within the fashion industry – starting in NYC first.

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The Goal of the Humans of Fashion Foundation is to address and prevent harassment, assault, abuse and misconduct in the fashion industry. The Humans of Fashion Foundation aims to achieve this by providing a platform to guide those who have experienced this type of abuse and the mental health consequences that often follow. The Foundation will connect those in need with pro-bono and subsidized legal professionals, counselors and support networks. HOFF has launched a global app to help those in the fashion industry who have limited resources by providing access to mental health education and pro bono counseling. Legal education and aid will also be available through the app.

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Take a moment to read Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen’s interview about changing the culture of mental health in the fashion industry – Finally, a Holistic Approach to Combating Mental Health Issues in the Fashion Industry by Brooke Bobb of VOGUE!