Give an Hour has become a recognized expert in developing and implementing community based efforts to address the needs of our service members, veterans, and their families. Give an Hour’s Community Collaborative approach is focused on bringing together individuals, agencies, and organizations committed to providing assistance and opportunities to service members, veterans, and their families at the community level. We invite nonprofits, government agencies, corporations, faith based efforts, and the military and veteran communities — to work together toward the common goal of engaging and supporting those who serve.

D.C. Community Collaborative

The DC Community Collaborative strives to better the lives of service members, veterans, and their families in the District of Columbia through an exchange of ideas and information with a focus on identifying and working to fill gaps in service availability and provision.

  • Housing and financial services
  • Identifying availability of dental insurance coverage and services
  • Raising awareness of mental health (and other available) services to veterans
  • Educating health professionals and family caregivers working with this community

D.C. Partners

Universal public support for veterans, service members, and their families exists. Nonprofit and private resources as well as federal, state, and local government services have increased in communities across the nation over the last decade to meet the needs of those who serve. Supporting and assisting veterans, service members (including active duty, Reservists, and National Guard), and their families is about ensuring that communities are prepared to organize services, resources, and provide assistance. Hopefully, this will provide opportunities to help our service members and veterans lead healthy and successful lives. However, significant gaps in service remain and there is a great deal of untapped potential that could be harnessed. It would provide more effective and sustainable care through focused planning and coordination, capacity-building, identifying gaps, and linking those in need with resources and services available.

In speaking with community leaders, the D.C. Community Collaborative team has already identified key thought leaders and critical stakeholders and is looking to expand and invite additional leaders and community members to join this effort. Give an Hour takes a “big tent” approach that allows all who share this mission to join as we facilitate collaboration and improve services.

For additional information on how to participate in the D.C. Community Collaborative, email

Houston and Tacoma Community Collaboratives

Give an Hour has launched a community collaborative initiative in the Tacoma and Houston Metro Areas in recognition of the challenge that all communities experience in their effort to support local veterans and active duty forces. The goal for this project is to create a comprehensive and integrated system of care for service members, veterans, and their families in these communities so that they have the knowledge of and access to the resources and services they need to lead the productive lives they deserve.

Objectives in Houston and Tacoma

Give an Hour is actively working in the South Sound area and Houston Metro area to accomplish the following objectives:

Within the community:

  • Greater knowledge about available community resources and services among local agencies and organizations serving veterans
  • Increased collaboration and coordination among local agencies and providers serving the military community
  • Increased knowledge among healthcare professionals within each community regarding the behavioral health issues that affect this population
  • Establishing a shared system for tracking efforts and measure progress
  • Establishing a sustainable coalition within each community to facilitate and support ongoing collaboration

Among veterans, service members, and military families:

  • Increased awareness of and knowledge about the issues that affect them, with emphasis on behavioral health issues
  • Greater likelihood to seek treatment or support for behavioral health issues
  • Greater knowledge of where and how to access care
  • Experience of greater support from the community at large
  • Increased opportunities for veterans and military families to participate in these coordinated efforts

For additional information on how to participate in the Tacoma Community Collaborative, email the program coordinator at

For additional information on how to participate in the Houston Community Collaborative, email the program coordinator at

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