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Give an Hour Indiana is our second regional initiative designed to expand and deepen Give an Hour services in communities across Indiana.

Give an Hour partnered with the Marion County Public Health Department and Women’s Fund of Central Indiana to launch Give an Hour Indiana. After conducting a needs assessment, Give an Hour Indiana and its partners launched Real Girls Feel. Real Girls Feel is an interactive, culturally and trauma-responsive program that promotes wellbeing and healthy habits for 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade girls in selected underserved Indianapolis Public Schools. If a program participant needs mental health treatment, but cannot afford care, the child’s parent is connected to a licensed volunteer who provides counseling at no cost.

Give an Hour Indiana’s youth programs are focused on increasing understanding of the five signs of emotional suffering, creating healthy habits of emotional wellbeing, reducing youth violence, addressing racial health equity disparities, and preventing youth marijuana and other drug use for students within Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS). These programs engage primarily diverse girls in underserved communities within Marion County using a culturally responsive prevention program.  The programs build emotional wellbeing skills, practice positive responses to emotions, and prevent youth drug abuse.  

Project Description

In addition to building networks of volunteer professionals to provide free and confidential mental health care to those in need, and promoting emotional well-being through the Change Direction campaign, Give an Hour Indiana:

  • Provides free mental health services to those in need by reaching out to partner organizations to identify groups in need as well as partnering with Indiana based mental health associations to offer the opportunity to providers across the state to join us in this effort.
  • Serves our community by partnering with schools, non-profits, youth/family support programs, and government agencies to provide outreach and awareness-building events, training, and resources that promote healthy development and prevent substance abuse and mental health disorders.
  • Builds partnerships to enhance the free mental health services provided and continue the work of the Change Direction campaign.
  • Supports mental health professionals by offering free training, support, and network opportunities to our partner providers.

Training and Educational Opportunities

Through dedicated outreach and network building, we support mental health service providers so that they can provide best practices to our families and our community. We offer CEU training for licensed professionals, along with mutual support and networking opportunities. Contact us for more information.

Contact Us

If you are licensed mental health provider, or a community member interested in our work, we would love to connect with you about our project, potential partnership opportunities, and how we can work together to build community, strengthen families, and connect our field. Email: