Welcome to Give an Hour! All of the mental health professionals that appear in the search below are Give an Hour providers who are licensed mental health professionals in one or more states, and who offer mental health counseling to those in need. Give an Hour thanks you for your service to our country during the coronavirus pandemic. We are honored to provide resources for you during this difficult time.
Please note: if you are unable to find a provider that meets your needs, please email info@giveanhour.org.

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The search tool below will produce a list of four Give an Hour providers.

You will need to contact one of these providers yourself to begin receiving your six free sessions.

If none of the 4 providers from your search are available, please email us for assistance at  info@giveanhour.org.

Contact the provider directly and identify yourself as a potential Give an Hour Hospital Heroes client, even if you leave a voicemail. If you do not hear back from a provider or if you do not think a provider will be a good fit, please email info@giveanhour.org.

  • Mention Give an Hour: Tell the provider you are a Give an Hour client at the beginning of your call, voicemail, or email.
  • Leave a message: Even if the provider’s voicemail states they are not accepting new clients, some Give an Hour providers hold openings just for a Give an Hour client.
  • Call again: Messages can be hard to understand or accidentally erased.
  • Try Another Provider: Often people contact several providers before finding one who is a good match for their needs. Make sure you’re comfortable. Your relationship with a provider is an important factor in the success of counseling.
  • Include your information: Be sure to leave your name, phone number, and email address (if you have one) in your message. Ask the provider if they provide any type of specialty care that you are looking for.
  • Be prepared: Make sure your voicemail is set up and not full for when the provider returns your call.
  • Try email: Providers spend much of their day with clients. Consider using their email or their website’s “Contact Us” section to make contact.
  • Let us know: If you can’t reach a Give an Hour provider using their contact information on our website, let us know at info@giveanhour.org, and we will help you find another provider to meet your needs.
  • To receive SIX FREE confidential counseling by a Give an Hour provider
  • To understand how your or your loved one’s experiences are affecting your personal life and relationships
  • To learn ways of coping
  • To be referred appropriately if you need additional services (such as medications)
  • To be in a safe environment where you can talk about your deepest fears and concerns

If you are unable to find a provider that meets your needs or have any additional questions, please email info@giveanhour.org.