Thank you for your willingness to donate your time and expertise to provide critical mental health services to at-risk populations, including our troops, our veterans, and their family members. As a Give an Hour provider, you are generously agreeing to offer one hour per week of mental health support or treatment at no charge, on an ongoing basis to each client you accept through our program.

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Watch our video to learn how you can share your gifts of time and expertise to help those in need.

Commonly Asked Questions by Providers

Who am I asked to serve?

  • Give an Hour volunteers offer their services to those in-need and their families.
  • Since 2005, we have focused on providing free mental health care to those who serve, our veterans, and their loved ones.
  • In 2016, we began expanding our efforts to address the mental health needs of other populations. This full list of those populations can be found here:
  • As our nation faces devastating natural disasters and tragedies such as mass shootings or bombings, there is a critical need to provide help and hope to those who are suffering. Click here for the full list of groups we are serving.

How am I asked to serve?

  • In-person Counseling: We recognize that in-person support is the standard within the mental health community. However, we also recognize this may not be feasible for everyone.
  • Video Counseling: We encourage the use of HIPAA-compliant platforms when an individual is unable to meet in-person with a provider.
  • Telephone Support: We understand providers will rely on their professional judgement to determine if phone support is a sufficient way to meet the individual’s mental health needs.
  • Outreach and Engagement: We provide opportunities for providers to serve their communities by engaging, recruiting, and educating others about Give an Hour through several of our initiatives. Learn more.

Am I offering just one hour? Or, how many sessions am I required to offer as a Give an Hour provider?

You have agreed to offer one hour of your services per week for a minimum of one year, per Give an Hour client you accept. You may also choose to volunteer at conferences, resource fairs, or other events while you wait for a client to contact you.

My Give an Hour client has insurance. Is it ok to charge their insurance if I don’t charge the client a co-pay?

No. Participating in our program means you are willing to provide ongoing pro bono sessions to each Give an Hour client you accept, with no regard for insurance or ability to pay. It would be inconsistent with our mission to charge someone for sessions, even if those sessions would be covered by insurance.

Do I need to fill out any forms or report to you that I have a Give an Hour client?

There are no forms to fill out and you do not need to report new clients to us. We do ask you to keep track of your donated hours and relay this information to us in our surveys and also let us make your profile unavailable when your Give an Hour client load is full.

Provider Registration

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Help with Outreach

Use these tools and downloads to help share the amazing work you are doing with Give an Hour.

Learn about Telehealth

Email us at to learn more about providing telehealth counseling through Give an Hour.

Participate in Training

Continuing education opportunities and other free or reduced cost training is available to provide advice on serving military clients.

Providers, please take a moment to fill out our Provider Satisfaction Survey. Thank you!

Provider Resources and Benefits:

We encourage you to share your commitment to Give an Hour by using our provider logo on your website.


Licensed mental health professionals registered in our network receive a discounted subscription to TherapyNotes, a fully integrated and secure online system to manage scheduling, notes, and billing. Use code GAH.

Give an Hour is proud to be part of this site that offers a collection of key tools and resources for providers working with the military community.


Non-profit offering free education and support to those who work with, live with, or care for service members, veterans, and their families and is accredited by six different organizations to provide free continuing education credits.

Free 60-day trial membership to this leading online therapist referral directory searched by over 1.5 million people per month, with a mission to reduce harm in therapy through education and advocacy.

Give an Hour providers are eligible to receive a free basic listing with HelpPRO Therapist Finder. Consider listing your practice with HelpPRO as another way to reach those in need and spread awareness.

This site offers promotions for customizable survey services which allow clients and therapists to engage between sessions. Get free unlimited use for a single client using code GH-01-01Y or a discounted subscription for an unlimited number of clients is available for $39 per month with code GH-00-01M.

Give an Hour Initiatives

Interested in participating in a Yellow Ribbon Retreat or helping in ways other than direct services? Learn more about Give an Hour’s initiatives and contact a program lead to get involved.

Learn more about our Initiatives and Programs.