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Support Group: Self Care (RC & SS)

This week we will focus Support Group about the importance of self care.

Certain weeks will be only for Rare Caregivers (RC) and others will be for both Rare Caregivers and their Support Systems (SS).


Give an Hour is excited to bring rare caregivers the opportunity to drop-in and participate in group sessions. Support groups offer connection, common humanity, and encouragement through shared lived experiences. Each support group session will have a theme, while still allowing space for organic conversations. A trained peer support lead will assist in offering shared practical skills and knowledge.

Give an Hour is adding another layer of support to rare caregivers by offering groups sessions for their support systems. Support systems may be family, friends, co-workers, or anyone a rare caregiver turns to for support throughout their caregiving journey. The groups will offer ways support systems can effectively support their rare caregiver family member/friends/colleague, etc.


Jun 26 2023


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Live, online