The Emotional Life Skills® (ELS) program delivers the skills and tools that will empower community members to better care for themselves and those they love.

We are partnering with small communities including schools, faith-based groups, and public and private sector workforces to educate members so that they can better care for themselves, care for one another, and identify and access local mental-health resources.

Spearheaded and developed by Give an Hour’s founder and former president, Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen, the program takes an evidence-driven approach backed by research showing the efficacy of social-emotional learning principles and the critical role it plays in lifelong learning, social intelligence, and emotional wellbeing.

Mental health and emotional wellness have become a global health priority.  ELS delivers mental health literacy and education developed to support the participant’s emotional wellbeing.

  • Virtual online course

  • Led by a mental health professional

  • Live and interactive

  • Empowers community members to care for themselves and others

  • 2 hour program

  • Self-paced virtual online course

  • Focuses on the business and work environment

  • Empowers employees to care for themselves and others

  • 1 hour program

  • Bulk licensing discounts available

3 Main Components Of Emotional Life Skills Training

We can better care for ourselves and others when we are emotionally healthy. Learn about mental health and wellness as well as tools to help track our emotional health.

Learn why self-care is vital and the tools to create healthy habits.

Creating connected, supportive communities is integral to our mental health and wellbeing.

Emotional Life Skills®

Is A Copyrighted Program Designed For All Types Of Communities And Organizations, Including Businesses, Faith-Based Organizations, Government Agencies, Schools/Universities, And Non-Profits.

Emotional Life Skills training is available on a fee or grant-funded basis.

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