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Center for Deployment Psychology


The Center for Deployment Psychology offers a variety of trainings across the nation and online webinars. Some are for civilians and some are geared specifically for those working within the military community. Topics include PTSD, TBIs, prolonged exposure therapy, and working with veterans on campus.


Additionally, they offer an online workshop meant to provide an introduction to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), including mechanisms of TBI as well as signs, symptoms, severity levels, and rates of TBI in civilian and military populations. Recommendations for assessing, managing, and treating TBI will be reviewed. The overlap between TBI and PTSD will be discussed and the importance of care coordination strategies, resources, and services available to patients with TBI and their families will be reviewed. This course is intended for mental health providers who are interested in gaining competency in working with individuals (military or civilian) who have sustained a TBI.

View online workshop and other resources.

Suicide Prevention

Online course on Identification, Prevention, and Treatment of Suicidal Behavior for Service Members and Veterans.

Military Culture

The CDP has recently launched a Military Culture for Healthcare Professionals website. It was designed by experts working as a part of a DoD/VA collaborative effort. Up to Eight free CE credits are being offered.

Family and Children

The Center for Deployment Psychology offers the following two on-line courses:

The Impact of Deployment and Combat Stress on Families and Children, Part 1

The Impact of Deployment and Combat Stress on Families and Children, Part 2

Deployment and Reintegration

The Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP) trains military and civilian behavioral health professionals to provide high-quality deployment related behavioral health services to military personnel and their families.

The following online course is a recording of a live APA pre-conference workshop: Online Training Event in Collaboration with the APA: The Impact of Stress and Trauma Related to Military Deployment on Personnel and Their Families