Give an Hour is excited to announce the launch of Give an Hour California – our first regional initiative designed to expand and deepen GAH services in communities across California.

Since 2005, Give an Hour has harnessed the skills of mental health professionals across the country to provide free mental health care and support for members of the military, our veterans (regardless of discharge status, deployment status, or era of service), and their families. In 2015, Give an Hour launched the Campaign to Change Direction, a broad public health effort focused on changing the culture of mental health for everyone so that all in need receive the care and support they deserve. The Campaign to Change Direction encourages everyone to know the Five Signs of emotional suffering and to pay attention to our emotional well-being just as we do our physical health.

Give an Hour California combines both efforts and encourages mental health professionals to donate hours of direct service and/or to assist with the Change Direction public health initiative in your community.

Project Description

In addition to building networks of volunteer professionals to provide free and confidential mental health care to those in need, and promoting emotional well-being through the Change Direction campaign, Give an Hour California:

  • Provides free mental health services to those in need by reaching out to partner organizations to identify groups in need as well as partnering with California based mental health associations to offer the opportunity to providers across the state to join us in this effort.
  • Serves our community by partnering with schools, non-profits, youth/family support programs, and government agencies to provide outreach and awareness-building events, training, and resources that promote healthy development and prevent substance abuse and mental health disorders.
  • Builds partnerships to enhance the free mental health services provided and continue the work of the Change Direction campaign.
  • Supports mental health professionals by offering free training, support, and network opportunities to our partner providers.

California Staff

Kirsti Thompson

Director of Give an Hour California,

Lori Haugh

Program Manager Give an Hour California,

Shane Meserve, MPA

Program Manager Give an Hour California,

Michael Morisette

Outreach Coordinator Give an Hour California,

Ashley Nettles

Program Manager – CA Opioid Project,

Learn more about Kirsti, Lori, Shane, Michael, Ashley and the rest of the Give an Hour staff, by clicking here.

Training and Educational Opportunities

Through dedicated outreach and network building, we support mental health service providers so that they can provide best practices to our families and our community. We offer CEU training for licensed professionals, along with mutual support and networking opportunities.

Contact Us

If you are licensed mental health provider, or a community member interested in our work, we would love to connect with you about our project, potential partnership opportunities, and how we can work together to build community, strengthen families, and connect our field.


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