A Week to Change Direction

May 10-16, 2021

A Week to Change Direction is a virtual, global event during which we all take the opportunity to prioritize our mental health.
Participate in A Week to Change Direction 2021


A Week to Change Direction is a virtual, global event where we are asking everyone to participate in 1 of the 5 ways from the safety of your home.

Individuals and organizations share what they did for themselves and for loved ones, coworkers, neighbors, and communities to protect and encourage everyone’s emotional wellness during this worldwide pandemic.

  • Who? Everyone who cares about mental health and wellness!
  • What?  A VIRTUAL and GLOBALLY coordinated event called A Week to Change Direction
  • When? May 10-16
  • Where? Everywhere and anywhere!
  • Why? To change the culture of mental health by encouraging everyone to stay emotionally healthy
  • How? We have FIVE activities you can choose from to participate in A Week to Change Direction.  Want to do something else, GREAT!  Post on social media during May 10-16 with #ChangeDirection what you are doing.

Participate in 1 of these 5 activities during A Week to Change Direction:

Or get creative and make up your own activity!

Activity #1

Learn More about our Emotional Life Skills Course here and schedule a demo by filling out the form.

Activity #2

The Signs are translated into 12 languages, get a copy here.

Activity #3

Don’t see the Five Signs in your native language? We’d love for you to translate!

Activity #4

It’s vital to keep up with how we are feeling.  During this week check in and check up on others.

Activity #5

Ask mental health providers to help us by volunteering here.

POST on socials how you will #ChangeDirection from May 10-16!

Inspire others to stay mentally healthy, especially during this Coronavirus Pandemic, and show them how you prioritize your mental health and create healthy habits.

Make sure to use the #ChangeDirection hashtag in all your social media posts to join the conversation!

Questions?  Email changedirection@giveanhour.org.

Save these images, post them on socials from May 10-16 to let others know you are participating.

Remember to use #changedirection!

Participate in A Week to Change Direction 2021

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